Anthony A. Dreyspool, Esq.

Expertise in ERISA Fiduciary Law

Anthony A. Dreyspool, Esq.

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Anthony A. Dreyspool, Esq.

Anthony A. Dreyspool focuses his practice on fiduciary responsibility under ERISA, particularly as it relates to the investment of ERISA plan assets. Mr. Dreyspool advises clients, including prominent investment managers and ERISA plan sponsors, on compliance with ERISA’s rules regarding fiduciary duties and prohibited transactions.

This work includes

• Advising investment fund managers and employers on an annual basis regarding their compliance with ERISA.

Analyzing and structuring transactions involving plan assets to avoid prohibited transactions and breaches of fiduciary duty.

• Obtaining advisory options and prohibited transaction exemptions from the US Department of Labor.

Mr. Dreyspool has gained invaluable experience from many years of practice at big law firms and corporate law departments. He now brings the highest level of knowledge and service to smaller employers and other organizations.

Mr. Dreyspool has written a book calledERISA Fiduciary Law for Non-Lawyers.For further information, see the "ERISA Book and CD" page of this website.